How it Works

Our objectives are to increase customer value and to develop a reliable advantage over competition, through to unique and multipurpose systems which can be customized

Easy to Customize

OYRUS can be customized for any specific organisation to accommodate that customer’s preferences and expectations taking into account possible hidden risks, specifically in content, inventory and customer management.

Multipurpose layout

OYRUS is multipurpose in executing supply chain transactions, managing supplier relationships and associated business processes. It also creates reports and supports indepth analysis in a graphical manner

Unique Design

We are uniquely qualified to solve your software needs, and pride ourselves on having a team of unique individuals that excel in their own expertise area, and our customers have come to expect that from us.

Why Oyrus?

OYRUS inventory management system is flexible and comprehensive enabling you to make faster, more accurate decisions to increase your inventory accuracy and customer service levels and at the same time reduce your carrying costs, labor costs and inventory write offs, which is critical in today's complex global inventory environment

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Software Features

  • Access from any Device

    OYRUS terminals supports in any android or iOS device. Which allows your POS terminals On-The-Go. Why would your sales person to check the stores physically when they have the inventory in hand.
  • Online Security

    OYRUS system uses world best web service “Amazon AWS cloud services” to store all your data. We allow you to focus on your business rather than the security of your data.
  • Easy to Use

    Simple to install, Easy to Update, Efficient, User friendly functionalities with minimum clicks.
  • Self Check-out terminals

    Why would you need always a sales person to create invoices? OYRUS provides terminals which are supported to have the checkout process by your customer.
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OYRUS Mobile and Mobile Staff

We want to keep your business online for 24 hours a day. You can view/perform any transaction even out side your business premises any time and any where with OYRUS mobile. All the functionalities of OYRUS can be setup in your mobile or in any mobile device based on your business type. This will allow your business to grow as you can be updated where ever you are even out side of the business premises or time. It is designed and built to connect with OYRUS hub to be up to date every second.


OYRUS Self Check-Out Terminals

OYRUS has been designed and built to have a separate portal for self check-out terminals which are connected to OYRUS hub. You can enable self check-out terminals where customers can check out without any assistance from a sales person in your business with OYRUS self check-out terminals. It is a simplified portal where any user can easily understand and process their invoice. This feature will help your business to fast track and avoid long waiting queues on check out terminals.

The portal is designed where any user can easily understand and process their invoice without any assistance from a sales person.

No more long waiting queues in your business This will help to fast track your business and avoid any long waiting queues.


Affordable Price

$28 per month

OYRUS Terminal
  • Online database

$28per month

OYRUS Mobile
  • All the OYRUS features are availble via mobile

Coming Soon

OYRUS Self Check-Out
  • Self service portal

$399Offline Application

OYRUS for fixed price
  • Standalone OYRUS hub

Other Benefits

It’s on Amazon Cloud

OYRUS system can be setup in cloud to improve the accessibility, reliability of data. You will never loose your data and it can be accessed from anywhere even out side the business premises. Cloud based systems are connected to remote databases where you wont loose data even though with a hardware failure. Data is stored in a secured remote servers where you will be able to access from anywhere or anytime.

We offer you to setup the application in Amazon cloud where it is more reliable than any other cloud web services and it is one of the best cloud services in the world. It offers you so many benefits such as maximum security, customer services, data back up, very high data transfers etc.

This would be a smart choice of having data in remote servers rather than having in local databases which would enable so many benefits.



OYRUS has been designed and built with maximum application and data security.

Different users can be created and the system would be able to accessed only by themselves. Also there is a role hierarchy defined to control functionalities based on the user roles. This would allow administrators to control the system very well.


Everything you need in one spot

OYRUS system has an interactive dashboard where you could keep track of sales, employees, inventory and customers in OYRUS dashboard and reports. You don’t no longer needed to maintain multiple book ledgers to maintain and track your analytical data. OYRUS has in built dashboard and reports where you can request for any customized reports for free.


OYRUS Main Functionalities

OYRUS has been designed to cater all the day to day tasks related to retail/whole sales businesses. Functionalities are as below.

Point of Sales
It has been designed to create transactions/invoices with minimal clicks to improve customer services. The inventory has been can be categorized as per the user needs to improve user friendliness and accessibility of inventory items. Also it has a quick search to find a product for large inventory systems. Inventory is automatically manipulated against the transactions.
Inventory Management
Designed and built to manage each product of an inventory. For larger systems, it is designed to upload the complete data with a single click as OYRUS is designed to make ease of day to day tasks.
Purchase Orders
Every retail/whole sale business needs to manage incoming products from suppliers. OYRUS is capable of managing all the purchase orders where it automatically manages your inventory and reports.
Supplier/Creditor Maintenance
As OYRUS supports for retail and whole sales businesses, it is designed to maintain suppliers and creditors where you no longer required to keep track of debit and debit records. System is built in a way that suppliers and creditors are linked with purchase orders and invoices where it will automatically keep records of credit and debits for you.
Pending Purchases and Invoices
Always there is a chance of having invoices or purchase orders which are not directly paid or delivered in your business. OYRUS will maintain statuses of the invoices and purchase orders to keep track where you wouldn’t need to maintain multiple record books.
Admin Panel
The complete application can be setup and maintained from an admin panel such as company name, logos, users etc.
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